Scottish Gaelic: dannsa Gàidhealach

Highland dance is a style of competitive solo dancing developed in the Scottish Highlands in the nineteenth century. There are a variety of different dances in our competitions. Some of which may include the Highland Fling, the Sword Dance, and the Scottish Lilt.

Dancers are judged on their timing, technique, interpretation and overall deportment.

The Calgary Highland Games Committee would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize for the unfortunate cancellation of the dancing competition at the Calgary Highland Games. We are especially sorry to those who took the time and expense to travel from out of town. We understand your frustration and disappointment. 
Highland dancing, and the enjoyment and safety of all dancers, is of paramount importance to us. While we can’t change what happened this past weekend, we’d like to shed some light on how we ended up in this situation, and what our plans are for the future.
In recent years, finding the perfect venue within the city of Calgary that is able to accommodate all aspects of the Games has been difficult. This has been especially so as the city has been converting many fields to astroturf, a surface we cannot use because our events can damage it.
We selected this venue because it beautifully meets many of our requirements, but unfortunately the compromise is that it doesn’t offer the best alternative facilities when bad weather occurs.
During the days leading up to the Games, we decided to cancel the tents that would cover the platforms because the forecast was clear and sunny. CUSGA, like most games, is a non-profit organization operating on a shoe-string budget. As a non-profit, every dollar is immensely valuable, and we hoped all would be well with the weather and we could avoid the considerable expense associated with the tents. We now know that was a gamble that can’t be taken again. 
Most importantly – going forward, we emphatically commit to always having a Plan A and Plan B in place in order to avoid an event such as this in the future. Please do know within 24 hours of this year’s Games, we established a contingency plan ready for next year.
Our commitment:
1 - from now on, the dance stages at the Calgary Highland Games will always be covered — top, sides and back.
2 - should the weather be extremely difficult, there will be a backup venue available — and in the event we need to use it, shuttles will be provided to and from the emergency venue and the competition will continue as normal. This will allow dancers to compete safely, protected from the elements.
We understand the disappointment and downright anger this has caused. In the weeks to come we will be in contact with each individual dance competitor in order to refund the dances you unfortunately did not have an opportunity to perform.
We very much hope to see you all next year, and we thank you for your understanding, and for being a supporter of the Calgary Highland Games. We wish each of you the very best of luck in all of your endeavours as competitors this year.

CUSGA Bursary & Scholarship: CUSGA is pleased to award the winners listed below a Scholarship and the four Bursaries to competitors which will help them in the pursuit of their education and highland arts.

Congratulations to the 2019 Winners:

  • Huda El-Zein winner of the CUSGA Scholarship

  • Kaelan Leslie winner of the 1st place CUSGA Bursary

  • Kessiah Robertson winner of the 2nd place CUSGA Bursary

  • Ethan DesChamps winner of the 3rd place CUSGA Bursary

  • Ruthanne Gillis winner of the 4th place CUSGA Bursary


Calgary Highland Games

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